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Kenner Employee Price Lists for 1983, 1984, and 1985

Seems like everyone I run into in the Cincinnati area knows someone who used to work at Kenner, or knows someone who knows someone who worked there.  One of the benefits of working at Kenner was the ability to purchase … Continue reading

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Play-Doh Stocking Stuffers Cardboard Store Display

Merry Christmas from!  This is a fun Christmas themed store display from Play-Doh.  The thin cardboard display is printed on one side, and has a fold line running horizontally across the top of the display.  It also has a … Continue reading

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Blythe Returns to the Toy Aisle!

  Don’t call it a comeback!  In case you haven’t been down the toy aisle lately, there’s a familiar face back on the Kenner collecting scene.  Blythe is back!  Hasbro has teamed the big eyed beauty up with Littlest Pet Shop … Continue reading

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Kenner’s Robin Hood Line Created by Dr. Frankenstein?

Action Figure Insider has posted a great article over on their blog about how the designers of Kenner’s Robin Hood line borrowed many ideas from other toy lines when creating the action figures and play sets.  Amazing to see how … Continue reading

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Easy-Bake Oven Showdown

If you’re like me, you’re still trying to recover from the cold hard fact that cooking with a light bulb is now considered out of style. (North Dakota’s top news site) has put together a nice Easy-Bake Oven showdown … Continue reading

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