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Cool & Collected Magazine Meets Kickstarter Funding Goal

Cool & Collected – the magazine for pop culture collectors, has met it’s Kickstarter funding goal.  We are getting a new toy collecting magazine on the news stands! is proud to be on board as an  advertiser, and we … Continue reading

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Kenner Creates a Controversy with their Savage Mondo Blitzers Toy Line

In 1992, Kenner had a bit of a controversy on their hands.  Their Savage Mondo Blitzers toy line was doing exactly what they had hoped it would do -offend parents, teachers, and pretty much any other adult who came across … Continue reading

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Offscreen, but Not Forgotten: Mini-Rigs, Body-Rigs, and Other Kenner Vehicles

The official Star Wars Blog has a post up about the Kenner toys that were developed based on the idea that vehicles could have been a part of the Star Wars universe, but maybe operating just offscreen.   These vehicles … Continue reading

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Cool & Collected – The Magazine for Pop Culture Collectors

As much as I love the speed and convenience of getting my collecting fix over the Internet, there is still nothing like sitting down in a comfy chair with a brand new toy magazine and pouring over all of the … Continue reading

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BlytheCon 2013 in New York City is the Place to be October 13th!

Calling all Blythe lovers!  Fans of Kenner’s Blythe dolls will be meeting up this month in New York City to share their love for the big eyed beauty.  The main event will take place on October 13th, with a social … Continue reading

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