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Kenner Christmas Dinner Dance 1988 Invitation and 1986 Confirmation Cards

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Kenner collectors!!  Your invitation to the annual Kenner Christmas party has just arrived!  Grab a drink and let the office shenanigans commence!  Here are a few neat Kenner internal items that will hopefully help you … Continue reading

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Collector Focus: Wonder World Collector Joseph Chiera

We love hearing from fellow Kenner collectors who are passionate about the toys they collect.  Joseph Chiera is one of those collectors!  Joseph noticed that the site was lacking in our Wonder World coverage, so he fixed that by sending … Continue reading

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Kenner Starting Lineup 1997 Baseball Sample Cards/Proof Cards

Here are a couple of unused sample cards for Kenner’s 1997 Starting Lineup Baseball set.  These cards are also sometimes referred to as proof cards.  Proof cards or sample cards served many different design purposes including things like final approval … Continue reading

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Kenner Morgue Inventory List Part 1

When Hasbro closed up it’s Cincinnati offices in 2000, it closed the door on over 50 years of Kenner’s long, fabled history of toy making.  For many local residents, this was a time filled with mixed emotions of solemn remembrance … Continue reading

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Kenner Museum Inventory List Part 1

Kenner’s Morgue wasn’t the only thing still located at 2950 Robertson Ave. in Cincinnati, Ohio during the final days of Kenner.  In the same warehouse that stored all of the pre-production material I wrote about earlier, was a section that … Continue reading

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Kenner Farewell Party Invitation

In 2000, Kenner’s Cincinnati office was set to close and for all intents and purposes, the Kenner we all knew for decades was disappearing into Hasbro, Inc.  Some employees were set to retire, some were to go to Rhode Island … Continue reading

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Kenner’s Daddy Saddle Has Been Found!

After many years of searching, I am happy to say that the Kenner Daddy Saddle is now proudly on display with the rest of my Kenner collection.  If you remember back, I wrote about the Daddy Saddle’s 1965 Toy Fair … Continue reading

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Kenner Original Art Concept Board for Unproduced The Joker Van

This is an original art concept board for Kenner’s unproduced Joker’s Van toy.  The concept board is believed to have been used to pitch a “The Joker” toy line.  The Joker line may have been pitched as a stand alone … Continue reading

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Kenner Employee Softball Jacket

This is a Kenner employee softball jacket.  The athletic style jacket is a teal colored satin with black and white stripes around the neck, wrists, and bottom of the jacket.  The back features a large black Kenner logo outlined in … Continue reading

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Kenner Tour of Cincinnati – Kenner Street

This is the first of several posts that will take a look at some of the different Kenner related locations around the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  Once we are finished with all the posts, we will combine them into one permanent … Continue reading

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