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Kenner Toys in Happy Honda Days Commercials

Honda is featuring some of our favorite Kenner toys in their latest marketing campaign, Happy Honda Days.  The ads are appearing on TV,  radio, print, and social media.  See Honda’s full press release here. The ads feature Stretch Armstrong and … Continue reading

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Kenner’s Unproduced Star Wars Millennium Falcon Mini-Rig

I never get tired of browsing The Star Wars Collector’s Archive!  Check out this unproduced concept vehicle for a Millennium Falcon Mini-Rig.  The Mini-Rigs were small scale Star Wars vehicles Kenner developed in order to offer a low cost alternative to the larger, … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Kenner’s Starting Lineup Toy Line? has an article up listing 5 Awesome Facts About Starting Lineup Figures.  Seasoned SLU veterans are going to pass over this list pretty quickly, but it’s still a fun article if you are new to collecting the line.  Even if … Continue reading

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