Li’L Loggers: Rugged Lumberjacks & Their Pet Pals!

Greetings Gooney fans! One of the beloved, yet nearly forgotten lines Kenner released in the early 80’s was a bathtub toy-line companion to the popular Sea Wees line known as Li’l Loggers. Each action figure was packaged with a companion creature and a half cylinder piece of foam that mimicked a log that would carry the characters along the water surface. Our friends over at have written an excellent article devoted to this line!

Throwback Thursday: Kenner’s Li’l Loggers

Pictured below are internal photos of the early models of Jumper Joe and Rocky Racoon. A keen eye will notice a change in expression on Rocky Racoon model to the final production toy. These prototypes were created by Kenner model shop employees.

Jumper Joe prototype

Jumper Joe prototype

Jumper Joe model1

Jumper Joe prototype model1

DaveM_Slide 010

Jumper Joe prototype model2

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