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Kenner Lightnin’ TTP car & cycle retail store display sales flyer

Here is neat sales flyer for Kenner Lightnin’ TTP Turbo Tower of Power car & cycle retail store displays.  Kenner made several different types of these large 3-dimensional store displays that featured actual toys arranged inside of a large clear plastic … Continue reading

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2015 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Recap

Another Star Wars Celebration has come and gone, and we are just now recovering from the four days of complete awesomeness!  We had an amazing time catching up with old friends and enjoyed making many new ones.  Here are a few … Continue reading

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Gooney Bird PVC lapel pin available at Celebration Anaheim is excited to announce our second giveaway that will be available at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim April 16-19, 2015.  This 3D lapel pin depicting Kenner’s famous Gooney Bird, will be available for trading with fellow collectors throughout Celebration Anaheim.  The flexible PVC … Continue reading

Posted in Fan Made | Tagged , , | 3 Comments Fun Map pays tribute to Cincinnati’s Kenner legacy is excited to announce our exclusive Kenner Fun Map, a poster showcasing the company’s many historic Cincinnati locations and toy lines.  The poster measures 18″ wide x 24″ tall, and will be limited to only 350 pieces.  The Fun … Continue reading

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Kenner Terminator 2 John Connor prototype hard copy figure and mock-up motorcycle 

Here is a hand painted resin hard copy prototype for the John Connor Terminator 2 action figure, along with a hand painted mock-up motorcycle.  Hard copies were one of the earliest stages in the development of an action figure at … Continue reading

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Universe Expanded: Kenner’s 1998 Star Wars Action Figures book on Kickstarter

Philip Reed from has launched a new Kickstarter project for a 96 page hard cover book focused on Kenner’s 1998 Star Wars Expanded Universe toy line.  This will be the author’s fifth toy related book.  There’s just something cool … Continue reading

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Kenner Starting Lineup 1996 MLB Cooperstown Collection sample card/proof card

Here is a nice unused sample card for Kenner’s 1996 Starting Lineup Cooperstown Collection Baseball set.  These kinds of unused cards are also sometimes referred to as proof cards.  Proof cards or sample cards served many different design purposes including … Continue reading

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Kenner’s Gooney Bird now available in new Kennerflex foam!

I’ve been known to play favorites when it comes to certain items in my collection, but if I had to play the “what would you grab if your house was on fire” game, this would be the thing I grabbed … Continue reading

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Kenner’s Capt. Space Bub-L-Rocket Bubble Blowing Toy

Here is Kenner’s Capt. Space Bub-L-Rocket bubble blowing toy.  Kenner got it’s start in the toy making business with bubble themed products, and the Bub-L-Rocket was one of their earliest successes.  The first Bub-L-Rocket came boxed, and included liquid bubble … Continue reading

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Cincinnati Character Map Featuring Kenner’s Kroger Building Headquarters

This is a Cincinnati character map from 1982 showcasing various businesses and attractions from around the city.  These for profit character maps, also called fun maps, were popular in the 80’s as a way for local businesses to advertise. This … Continue reading

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