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Kenner Toys in Happy Honda Days Commercials

Honda is featuring some of our favorite Kenner toys in their latest marketing campaign, Happy Honda Days.  The ads are appearing on TV,  radio, print, and social media.  See Honda’s full press release here. The ads feature Stretch Armstrong and … Continue reading

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How Well Do You Know Kenner’s Starting Lineup Toy Line? has an article up listing 5 Awesome Facts About Starting Lineup Figures.  Seasoned SLU veterans are going to pass over this list pretty quickly, but it’s still a fun article if you are new to collecting the line.  Even if … Continue reading

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Did Kenner Drop the Ball in 1977? – Star Wars Collectors Archive Blog

Ron Salvatore has a great blog post up over at the Star Wars Collectors Archive about Kenner’s early days with the Star Wars toy license.  He takes a fascinating look at the tight deadline Kenner was working under once the … Continue reading

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Starting Lineup Article in Beckett Sports Card Monthly

Whether you are a seasoned Starting Lineup collector, or a brand new collector looking to get into the hobby, you’ll want to check out Will Levith’s article titled Fantastic Plastic in the September issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly.  The … Continue reading

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Kenner Six Million Dollar Man And Bionic Woman Store Stock Photos never fails to amaze with the old store stock photos they turn up.  The latest two updates feature some amazing vintage Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman store images. In these two photos, you can see the SMDM … Continue reading

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Littleplasticmen Magazine Issue 3 Now Available

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, the littleplasticmen toy magazine is knocking it out of the park!  They’re back with issue #3 and it just keeps on getting better and better.  The magazine is a … Continue reading

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Interview with Super7′s Brian Flynn at CRAVE ONLINE

If you are a fan of the exciting things Super7 has been doing for Kenner fans, check out the interview with Super7′s main man Brian Flynn over on CRAVE ONLINE.  Some good insight into how the company got started in … Continue reading

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Super7 2014 SDCC Exclusive: Alien Egg Chamber ReAction Playset

Super7 keeps their retro Kenner love going with an exclusive Alien Egg Chamber playset for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Just look  at that box design and the image of the kids playing with the figures.  That’s about as good … Continue reading

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Kenner Strawberry Shortcake Plastic Shelf Talker Display

Here is a shelf talker for Kenner’s Strawberry Shortcake toy line.  The display is die-cut from thin plastic and features colorful printed graphics on a flat surface. In a retail environment, the shelf talker would be attached to a shelf … Continue reading

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Kenner Unproduced Video Game Console Original Art

Here is the original concept art for an unproduced Kenner video game console.  The art is a mixture of pen and marker on white paper, and is mounted to a presentation board.  It measures 24″ wide x 19″ high. The art … Continue reading

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