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The original Star Wars film celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

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Employee Profile: Jim Hook and Yoda The Jedi Master Game

Greetings Gooney Fans! This past month we were fortunate to meet up with a former Project Engineer (1979-1997) Jim Hook. Jim worked on several product lines throughout his career including Star Wars, M.A.S.K., Starting Lineup, Batman, etc. One of the … Continue reading

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Li’L Loggers: Rugged Lumberjacks & Their Pet Pals!

Greetings Gooney fans! One of the beloved, yet nearly forgotten lines Kenner released in the early 80’s was a bathtub toy-line companion to the popular Sea Wees line known as Li’l Loggers. Each action figure was packaged with a companion … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brien and the 35th Anniversary of G.I. JOE

Greetings Gooney Fans! Last week the nation celebrated Veterans Day and recognized those who served in the Armed Forces. To commemorate this occasion, we uncovered some interesting information relating to a national contest Kenner/Hasbro held to celebrate the 35th anniversary … Continue reading

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Ira Gobler and the Star Wars Toys That Never Were

Greetings Gooney Fans! Have you ever heard the story of Ira Gobler and Gobler Toys? Imagine for a moment that there is a prequel to the story we already know of Kenner securing the rights to the franchise just one … Continue reading

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Cincinnati Toy Show and Kenner Mural Review

Greetings Gooney Fans! Grab your Bubbl-Matic and hop on the Daddy Saddle, because we are traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio – home of Kenner Toys! Last weekend collectors traveled far and wide to experience one of the hobby’s finest toy shows. … Continue reading

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