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Conan O’Brien and the 35th Anniversary of G.I. JOE

Greetings Gooney Fans! Last week the nation celebrated Veterans Day and recognized those who served in the Armed Forces. To commemorate this occasion, we uncovered some interesting information relating to a national contest Kenner/Hasbro held to celebrate the 35th anniversary … Continue reading

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Cincinnati Toy Show and Kenner Mural Review

Greetings Gooney Fans! Grab your Bubbl-Matic and hop on the Daddy Saddle, because we are traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio – home of Kenner Toys! Last weekend collectors traveled far and wide to experience one of the hobby’s finest toy shows. … Continue reading

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Kenner 1979 Press Kit

This press kit, likely handed out in the winter of 1979 at Toy Fair in New York, reviews the past as well as the immediate future of Kenner product lines. Kenner hit a home run with the Star Wars license … Continue reading

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