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Kenner’s Employee Store was a place where employee’s could shop for all kinds of discounted Kenner toys for their family and friends.  Our Employee Store will be a constantly changing selection of Kenner items you can add to your collection.  Check back often!


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  1. Damian Lluy says:

    will you guys be listing items for sale?

    • flarida says:

      We will be adding some items in the near future. Just trying to figure out the best way to do it. Check back!

  2. Matt says:

    Do you know who buys collections I have over 1000 of the early Years all sports even soccer thanks mc

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Matt,
      Do you have any ’88, ’89 Baseball , ’88 -’92 Football figs. and ’88 Basketball? I Thank You in Advance, Andy!

      • Mason Dellinger says:

        Hey Andrew,
        My father just gave me a box of 15 staring lineup figures.
        91-football, David Meggett
        92-football, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikmen, Michael Irvin
        92-basketball, Michael Jordan, Derrick Coleman, Larry Johnson, Dikembe Mutombo
        93-baseball, Juan Gonzalez, Kevin Brown, Frank Thomas, Dean Palmer, Jeff Bagwell
        93-basketball, David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo.

    • John says:

      Hi Matt -

      I am putting an 88-89 Football set together for my grandson who has decided he likes these “bobbleheads.” I sold most of my collection back in 95 regrettably and would like to put it together again…let me know what you may want to sell.

      Thanks, John

  3. Karen V says:

    I am looking for a controller for a 1995 Kenner Stunt Boss 360 as I have the car & the battery & charger however I’m afraid something has happened to the controller. Does anyone know who might sell these things?

  4. michael says:

    Does anybody know anything about a 1969 Kenner” Picture In A Minute Camera” ? I have one, and am trying to find out more about it’s history.
    MD Stevens

    • David Barker says:

      I was part of the development team for this camera. It was to be a child’s version of the Polaroid camera, but met with limited success and was pulled from the market after a short test run.

      • Tony Racliffe says:

        Hello, I am a huge Centurions fan and have been collecing them for 26 years, I was just eamiling to ask if you know any body who may own any Centurions? being a past employee.

        Thank you

      • Paul Steinmetz says:

        1969 Kenner” Picture In A Minute Camera. I have one also and it has not been played with everything is complete and unopened. All the manuals sales brochures film unopened bulb and battery’s still under stapled plastic cover. Quite a find. I wonder what they are worth.

  5. flarida says:

    Hi Leonard,

    We do not have any replacement parts for the Easy-Bake Oven. Your best bet would be to check ebay.com to see if you can find some.



  6. AUDREEN says:

    Anything for Kenner Blythe dolls? Any old clothes, wigs, dolls, etc… Keep me posted.

  7. Becca says:

    If you stumble upon any Blythe items, please shoot me an email. :] I’m an avid collector and interested in purchasing. Thank you!

  8. Bryan R. says:

    Does anyone have any M.A.S.K for sale?

  9. Eric Drinkard says:

    I have a purple car that transforms in to a chair from KPT 1987 made in Macau, does anyone know what this is?

    Eric Drinkard

  10. sheila graves says:

    i have an 1969 super spirograph kit from a value village store and it is missing some pieces is there a place to find some more pieces

  11. Tony Racliffe says:

    Hello great site, does anybody have any Centurions prototypes? or Swingshots treads. for sale.
    love the figures and the cartoon.

    Thanks people

  12. Tony Racliffe says:

    Hello its me again, if any body can supply me with any stories regarding the Centurions toy line or infomation I would be most greatfull.


  13. Nancy Rice says:

    My father designed many Kenner toy packages and my brother and I were used as models for the package. He and I were on the “Picture-in-a-Minute Camera. Also several of my childhood friends were used for the See-a-Show Projector and/or the Give-a-Show Projector. Since the original Blythe dolls creeped girls out, they were not made in great numbers. My dad gave me one and my mother had kept it for me. I sold my perfect condition Blythe on e-bay to a collector in Japan in 2007 for $1000.00! I know she is worth more now, but hey so what? I didn’t play with her very much anyway.
    I also have a Dusty doll with her tennis racket and golf clubs. She was supposed to be the sporting one, the “get outside and play” type of doll. I was wondering if there is any interest in Dusty. She is just sitting on a shelf in a bag. Since I had 2 boys, and have only one granddaughter, she was not played with much either.
    There was a box for one of Kenner’s early See-a-Show Projector that my brother and a neighbor were on. They just happened to be looking at Superman on that box and now it is immortalized in the Superman Museum!
    Please write back soon! We were Kenner kids and had a blast, plus we got paid for modeling!

  14. MB says:

    Hi, will you have any Strawberry Shortcake items for sale? Please contact me. Thanks

  15. CS says:

    Highly interested in buying any Strawberry Shortcake prototypes or artwork, or any manner of items. I have a large collection of concept art and prototypes already and would help keep historic pieces in one location.

  16. Logan Sowers says:

    I have a 1991 Starting Lineup Michael Jordan in mint condition with the only minor damage being the box corners a little worn. It is the one with the figurine, 1991 edition card, and collector coin all untouched. Anyone know a value, even though i’m probably still going to keep it :P ?

  17. Jennifer Joy says:


    I love this site, thanks for constructing it. I’m an native Ohio girl and love vintage Kenner toys!

    I would love to add any 1972 Blythe items including artwork/prototypes/salesman samples/accessories to my collection.

    Many Thanks~

  18. Warren says:

    I would absolutely love to hear from anyone with early Star Wars stuff especially prototypes and carded or boxed items. Oh and if someone invents a time travel machine please send me back to the 70s as a Kenner employee on the Star Wars line :)
    Awesome site guys!

  19. Mohmadhusain U Vora says:

    Hello, I have Stunt 306 Boss (Model No : 60313)
    But Now do not have Battery and Charger….Please Provide me any link or place from which i can buy it…..

  20. craig says:

    Can anybody help in the world of kenner!!!
    I’ve just found an old knight rider 2000 crash set from early 80′s in the loft.
    But its missing the little ramp, i have the truck and little kitt car.
    Been looking on ebay for weeks ,without any luck .So if anybody has one or knows where i can buy one .Then please get in touch.Im in England ,so we love kenner toys too.lol.

  21. Tony Racliffe says:

    I am after Centurions prototypes, please contact me.

    Thank you!

  22. david galvan says:

    looking for real ghostbuster stuff if you know of anyone i would really be greatful

    • Tony Racliffe says:

      Hi, you might want to give this person a try, I asked if they did Centurion prototypes, in which there reply was no but he does have Chuck Norris and I am sure he said Ghostbusters. Its worth a try this is the person Ebay
      if that does not work just type in chuck norris prototype and a black ninja is currently being sold.

  23. Alison says:

    I’m looking for any bill and ted stuff… I have the whole action figure line. Still looking for the phone booth and anything that was not produced such as vehicles or play sets. Thanks!

  24. Alison says:

    ohhh the toy hunter guy. yeah i saw that episode :)

  25. Rich Cherry says:

    I have 12 rare 1978 Kenner Star Wars Showroom 35mm color transparency photo slides from the 1978 New York Toy Fair up for auction on ebay. Obtained them from the estate of a former Kenner employee. My ebay seller name is rmc54. Will consider Buy It Now Offers to end the auctions early. My email is rcherryrich@aol.com

  26. Kyle Mowles says:

    Does anybody know where i can get the 1979 Toy Finger Pops

  27. Kevin Nelson says:

    I’m currently in the market for any of the old Turbo Tower of power motorcycle stuff with the rider figures. If anyone is able to help me out, please feel free to drop me a line at bionicfanboy@hotmail.com, thanks.

  28. Rasoul says:

    I am looking for information on some hard to find Super Powers toys and prototypes. Any information or leads are appreciated.
    Email: rasoul@rasoul.com

  29. dallasgust@me.com says:

    looking for an Alvin the Aardvark toy form 78-70. Any help finding one would be appreciated

  30. Titus says:

    This is an awesome site! I am looking for any information on the cancelled B.R.A.T.S. of the Lost Nebula line from 98/99. I came into possesion of one of the figures but am looking to find out how many more there were supposed to be and how many made it to prototype stage. Thanks!!!


  31. Chris says:

    I am looking for early Star Wars figures in the package or loose and also prototypes. If anyone has any for sale or knows someone that does please send me your information to ca@buygoodparts.com

  32. David Polis says:


    I am looking for Jurassic Park collector cards from foreign countries (Canada, Spain, Holland, Japan, Germany and any others) and the unreleased US cards. If you can help, please email me at dpolis@aol.com


  33. jeffrey miceli says:

    I grew up like countless thousands of kids in the 80′s waiting for the next starwars/Indiana jones toy to hit the toystore.while I have many of those toys still,i cant seem to find any kenner Indiana jones toy signs. can anyone help me out?

  34. Jason Craig says:

    Hello, I am seeking Star Wars action figures and playsets still packaged from Kenner. I am a collector who had some damage to some packages and would like to replace them for display. 1977 thru 1985, all series. If you would like to sell some or part of a collection, e mail me at Tune2lowB@aol.com

  35. jeffrey miceli says:

    Just wanted to say this site is a true blast from the past, im a Kenner Indiana Jones/starwars collector. I try to collect store signs as well as the toys but like I posted before im having a degree of difficulty finding anything vintage Indiana Jones ie: store promo signs or shelf talkers etc. I have a few vintage star wars items but would love to try to acquire more. If there are any former member employees that can help, I’d appreciate it. I have a nice display of Indiana Jones complete with a lifesize statue and a complete Kenner vintage and Hasbro line of toys! Thank you any help would be great! To all those involved with KENNER, you guys and gals made more than just mere toys, you made memories, imaginations and fun that lasts a lifetime!

  36. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Hi! I have come to own a 1965 easy bake oven and corn popper. The interesting thing is they are BOTH in the same box with the lid marketed as such. I have been unable to find anything anywhere about this particular distribution. In fact, even the Kenner history pages I’ve seen don’t even mention it. I have it listed on eBay right now but I’d really like to know if anyone knows how many were made or any history on this particular joint-box distribution. Thanks in advance for any info.

    If you’d like to see it here is a link to the eBay listing:

  37. Mark says:

    I am a collecter of the Savage Mondo Blitzers. I have had the whole set that was released here in the US since I was a kid. I read that the 2 sets that weren’t released here in th US were released as singles and blind packaged in Italy as “Gli Skatenati”, and in Greece as “Skateboard Mania”. If anyone has any more info on this or knows how to get a hold of these 8 characters please respond.

  38. Jim Rawson says:

    Did you ever find a daddy saddle? I’d love to find one as well!

  39. LOUIS says:


  40. Alex says:

    I am really looking for some boxed and carded M.A.S.K. items. I’m looking for sly rax // cliff dagger 2 pack. Also looking for boxed vehicles if anyone has any to sell or knows a great place to find them. Thank you in advance

  41. Rachel says:

    I am in search of The Magic School bus character sets and learning sets that came out mid 90s. I’ve looked on ebay but only found the one set that I found at a local thrift shop. Does anybody know where I could find the figure assortments, body safari assortment, adventure bus assortment, or the imagine that habitat assortment? Thanks.

  42. Jesse W. says:

    Hey everyone! I am a long time collector trying to find MASK and VORTECH items. Especially protos and artwork. Would be grateful for any info (have already checked the link above) Thank you guys! Keep up the search!

  43. Nick L says:

    Hi all

    I’m looking to buy old star wars figures and playsets. I’m creating a man cave for my son and I. Anything rare and novel is also of interest. Please send me an email at nick@greenaid.com.au



  44. Thanos Q says:

    I am a collector of the Savage Mondo Blitzers. I have 47 figures of the Greek version, known as “Skateboard mania”, since I was a kid. The only piece missing is the Chow Hound. I’ve been searching for this for 20 years. Please help…

    Thank u


  45. Lara says:

    Hi all
    I am always on the lookout for NIB Fashion Star Fillies. In particular the Dara prototype from their original booklet. If anyone has any of these boxed ladies to sell please drop me an email.

  46. Diego Tapia says:

    i want to buy the super powers anniversary 2014 thanks hope your help, as i can send them to guadalajara jalisco mexico

  47. Charles Gentry says:

    I have a automatic knitting machine dated 1966. I need to know how much it is worth.

  48. Mary says:

    Hi! I am looking for Kenner Sea Wees and Kenner Bubble Belles, dolls and accessories. Any help would be great. I can be reached at jepmal@gmail.com. Thanks !

  49. Michele says:

    Hello, I am looking for miniature Jurassic Park The Lost World series Microverse, I miss the amphitheater, someone puo’aituare to look for?

  50. Anna says:

    Looking for a 1972 Kenner Blythe doll and accessories too.

  51. Sherry says:

    I have a Zoom Loom from 1960′s I am looking for the little bobbin for it. Everything else is in working order. If anyone knows how I can get this missing piece that would be great. she35neo@yahoo.com

  52. Corey Edinger says:

    I am looking for a Kenner Rose Petal Place plush Pitter Pat cat. If anybody knows where to buy one or have any leads, please email me at darkknight2008@live.com

  53. Keisha Elizabeth Nickerson says:

    Do you have a 1970 crumpet tea party doll in working condition?

  54. Burton Wilson says:

    I have a question concerning the original Millennnium Falcon made by Kenner.
    There’s a small plastic piece about 2” in length know as the training ball arm. It would be a separately packaged piece, and would be attached by the buyer. It attaches to a small peg on the bottom mold piece of the ship, just above the rear landing gear. Most buyers had the pre- packaged arm in the box and a peg was present . Others have reported that the arm was already attached with a rivet in place of the peg when purchased new. It seems odd because of the absence of rivets used on any other products in that line. And also only a very few are reporting the rivet used on their product. If there are any former employees such as quality control,engineering,assembly,or anyone who may have any information about this please contact me. Thanks

  55. Burton Wilson says:

    Sorry, my email is bwilson12@wi.rr.com

  56. Sarah says:

    Looking for Care Bear related items. I have most “main stream” items but am looking for original artwork or the c-prints, prototypes, first production samples, and anything else rare or unique. I am willing to pay $$$ for the items.

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