Kenner Business Cards

Updated July 26, 2015 with new Dewey Shumate cards, and variation Hasbro card with Tonka truck watermark.

Business cards are a great way to see how styles and logos changed over the years at Kenner.  These are just a few of the different types of business cards that were used.  If you have any different styles that you would like to share, just let me know!

Sycamore Street headquarters era, 1946-1976:

Kenner Business Card Dewey Shumate

Kenner Business Card Dewey Shumate

Vine Street headquarters era, 1976-1992:

Kenner Business Card

Kenner Business Card

Kenner Business Card

Elsinore Place headquarters era, 1992-2000:

Kenner Business Card

Hasbro Business Card 615 Elsinore Place

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Kenner’s MASK Confirmed


We have had many tidbits of information over the past few months regarding Kenner’s much loved MASK line.  Hasbro applied for new trademarks regarding the line, and rumors ran rampant that Matt Trakker could possibly appear in the next GI Joe film.

TFW2005 was covering the Hasbro 2015 Q2 Conference Call, and the above slide was included in their presentation.  When I saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes, one of my all time favorite lines is making a return!  Keep in mind that this year also marks the 30th Anniversary of  MASK.

I can barely contain my excitement, we’ll all be reporting to Boulder Hill before we know it!

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Kenner internal department “do it” list

Kenner Internal Office Humor List

Here’s a fun little list that was found along with a bunch of other internal Kenner paperwork from the early 1990’s.  Like in any office environment, the employees at Kenner enjoyed poking fun at the other departments they worked with.  This page is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ photocopy.  If anyone reading this remembers creating the list, we’d love to hear from you!

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Kenner at SDCC 2015



I along with many of you are probably combing the internet trying to find pictures and information about anything Kenner related that is happening at San Diego Comic Con.  Thanks to Cool Toy Review for a great picture of the Gentle Giant Jumbo Super Powers figures!  This is the first time I’ve seen the Flash figure.

We would like to see what you have found and are excited about!  Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!



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Happy 4th of July!

Kenner Spring 1976 Catalog Cover

Kenner Spring 1976 Toy Fair catalog cover.

“A bicentennial flag of Play-Doh® Modeling Compound created especially for Kenner Products.”  © GENERAL MILLS FUN GROUP, INC., 1975


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Kenner Batman Returns Batmissile Batmobile proof sheet

Kenner Batman Returns Batmissile Batmobile Proof Sheet

Proof sheet for the Batman Returns Batmissile Batmobile boxed toy.  The sheet measures 28″ wide x 40″ tall, and has the traditional color bars printed along the side.  It is dated 4-3-92.

Kenner Batman Returns Batmissle Batmobile Proof Sheet

Kenner Batman Returns Batmissle Batmobile Proof Sheet

Kenner Batman Returns Batmissile Batmobile Proof Sheet

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Winners of Gooney Pin Giveaway!

Kenner Collector Kenner Gooney Bird Pin


Time to announce the winners who caught this elusive bird!!

Everyone that commented on our post will be receiving a pin!  So please send us your mailing addresses so we can get these pins shipped out to you!



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Awesome Toy brings the awesome with Stretch Serpent inspired Loch Ness Monster

Kenner Collector Awesome Toy Stretch Serpent Loch Ness Monster

Go Figure News has a great review up of Awesome Toy’s new Loch Ness Monster vinyl toy.  The soft vinyl toy is inspired by Kenner’s famous Stretch Serpent, and is pretty freaking cool.  It’s a little over 3 inches high and priced at $40 for a painted version, and $35 for an unpainted version.  That might sound expensive, but when you consider what a Kenner Stretch Serpent goes for, it’s a steal!


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It’s Gooney Bird pin giveaway time!

Kenner Collector Kenner Gooney Bird Pin

Still trying to catch that elusive bird?  We’re giving away Gooney Bird PVC lapel pins to two lucky visitors.  Absolutely free, including shipping!

All you need to do is comment on this story below and answer the question:  What Kenner toy you are currently on the hunt for?

Winners will be chosen at random, and entry is open until midnight June 17th EST.  Good luck!

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Share a Coke, with Kenner!

Kenner Coke Bottle


As I am sure we are all a bit guilty of doing, we all hop on eBay and search for “Kenner.”  This auction came across my feed and I had to share it!

What other ways have you seen Kenner crop up where you never thought you would?

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