Kenner’s Whiz Fizz Soda Fountain From 1968 Toy Fair Catalog

Kenner Whiz Fizz Soda Fountain Toy Fair Catalog

Kenner’s Whiz Fizz Soda Fountain page from the 1968 Kenner Toy Fair catalog.

That retail counter display.  Yes.  Please.  If anyone has a new in box Whiz Fizz, or the counter display.  Please let me know!

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Kenner’s Knight Rider Knight 2000 Turbo Booster



This was a toy I had when I was younger that I never realized was made by Kenner!

It is a very simple toy that recreated KITTs signature turbo boost that was used in the show Knight Rider.  Just put the car into the launcher and slide it forward and KITT was racing off.  The launcher had more force than you would think, so needless to say it was a lot of fun!  Kenner also made the Knight 2000 Crash Set that you could jump your cars through that added more toys and excitement.



This is an awesome 2 page ad that was in the 1983 Toy Fair Catalog.


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Kenner Super Powers Brainiac Action Figure Costume

Kenner Super Powers Braniac Toy Fair Costume

Here is a fun image that was found with a group of Kenner internal slides from Toy Fair.  It is a Brainiac costume that resembles the action figure from the Super Powers toy line.  Using costumes at Toy Fair to interact with potential buyers, and at various public appearances to interact with consumers was a popular marketing tool for Kenner.  If anyone has an image of this costume interacting with buyers at Toy Fair, I’d love to see it!

Picture of the Kenner Super Powers carded figure for comparison.  Image property of

Kenner Super Powers Braniac Toy Fair Costume

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General Mills’ Star Wars Micro Collection 4-up Presentation Piece From Kenner

Kenner Collector Star Wars Micro 4up Presentation Piece

The General Mills History Tumblr site posted an image that Star Wars Micro collectors will find interesting.  This is a presentation piece created by Kenner in 1981 to celebrate the success of the Star Wars toy line.  What’s interesting is the scale of the piece.  The Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader micros are actually four times the size of the production toys, and hand-made from a resin material.  These “4-ups” are extremely coveted by collectors, and that makes this one drool worthy award!  You can read more about these presentation pieces over on the Star Wars Collectors Archive.

The General Mills Tumblr site has posted a lot of great images of all things related to the company.  Everything from old cereal boxes, to advertisements, and of course Kenner toys!  Definitely something you’ll want to keep an eye on.

General Mills purchased Kenner in 1967, and was the parent company until Kenner was spun off in 1985 as Kenner Parker Toys.

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Report to Boulder Hill


Hasbro has reportedly filed a new trademark for Kenner’s much beloved MASK line.  The trademark covers many things from interactive entertainment to toys.

It is possible this could just be brand protection and nothing will come from it, but I am hoping a new generation can discover the fun of MASK!

Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon!

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Kenner’s 1965 Toy Lineup Magazine Advertisement

Kenner 1965 Toy Line Magazine Advertisement

Magazine advertisement for some of the heavy hitters in Kenner’s 1965 product offering.  The ad features the following toy lines:

Girder & Panel
Bridge & Turnpike
Easy-Bake Oven
Guns That Shoot Around The Corner
Flintstone Building Boulders
Sparkle Paints
Nursery Birds
Give-A-Show Projector

Kenner Products Company, Cincinnati, Ohio


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Kenner 1972 Easy-Bake Oven Magazine Advertisement

Kenner Easy-Bake Oven Magazine Advertisement

Kenner advertisement from 1972 featuring the Easy-Bake Oven.  The ad made the assumption that a doll was every little girl’s favorite toy in 1972.  Instead of battling it out for that top spot, the ad encouraged moms to pair the Easy-Bake Oven with their daughter’s favorite doll that Christmas.

The ad also shows Kenner’s Gabbigale doll, a talking doll that repeats what you say.  Click here to learn more about Gabbigale.

Just a reminder, if you are a fan of the Easy-Bake Oven, and haven’t picked up Todd Coopee’s Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake® Oven, you’re missing out!


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Variant Star Wars Comic Cover Gives a Nod to Kenner

Vintage Kenner SW Comic Cover


New variant comic book cover looks good enough to go on your toy shelf!  Marvel comics revealed this cover as one of many that will be used for Star Wars #1 hitting shelves 1-14-2015.

Artist John Tyler Christopher pays homage to the vintage Kenner Star Wars line by depicting a carded Luke Skywalker figure on the cover.  Every detail from the cardback to the bubble looks incredible down to the vintage styled lightsaber.

The trailers for Terminator, Star Wars and Jurassic Park are getting the most views and everyone is talking about them, and now we add variant covers to Star Wars comic books.  All I have to say is…

What Year Is it


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Help Us Make Our Kenner Related Links Page Even Better!


We’ve updated our links page!  Thanks to everyone that wrote in letting us know about new websites, or a broken link.  If your favorite Kenner website isn’t listed, please let us know!  We’d love to add it.


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Kenner Toys in Happy Honda Days Commercials

Kenner Collector Happy Honda Days Strawberry Shortcake

Honda is featuring some of our favorite Kenner toys in their latest marketing campaign, Happy Honda Days.  The ads are appearing on TV,  radio, print, and social media.  See Honda’s full press release here.

The ads feature Stretch Armstrong and Strawberry Shortcake along with a couple of surprise friends!  Strawberry Shortcake is being a little sassy, and I like it!

Stretch Armstrong:

Strawberry Shortcake:

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