Kenner Care Bears Plastic Shelf Talker Display

Kenner Care Bears Shelf TalkerThis is a shelf talker for the Kenner Care Bears toy line.  The display is die-cut from thin plastic and features colorful printed graphics.

In a retail environment, the shelf talker would be attached to a shelf using double-sided adhesive squares on the back.  The shelf talker display would be used to advertise the toy line to kids and adults as they walked down the toy aisle.

Kenner Care Bears Shelf Talker

This shelf talker measures 23 5/8″ long x 2 3/4″ tall, and says Everyday is a Care Bear Day.  It has the Care Bears logo on each end, and the Kenner logo in the lower left hand corner.  The lip has the following copyright information:  CPG Products Corp. by its Division Kenner Products Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 on the left side, and “Care Bears” Characters and Trademarks (TM) 1982, 1983 AMERICAN GREETINGS CORPORATION on the right side.

The shelf talkers would often be used along with other displays to create retail  appeal for the toy lines.  Here are a couple suggested layouts from the Kenner 1983 Toy Fair catalog:

Kenner 1983 Toy Fair Catalog Care Bears

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