Celebrating Kenner’s Star Wars toys and the company’s strong connection to Cincinnati

Kenner Collector Kenner Toys Cincinnati Early-Bird Kit

Cincinnati.com has posted a great article detailing the iconic history of the Kenner toy company and the many ways the company impacted Cincinnati and the toy industry as a whole.  There are some great photos in the article that even some seasoned collectors may have not seen before.  Who wouldn’t love to open a newspaper today and see a Shillito’s ad for the Star Wars Early Bird Kit!?

Kenner Collector Kenner Toys Cincinnati Millennium Falcon

The article is primarily Star Wars focused, but there is enough good information in there to make it worth your time even if you collect non-Star Wars lines.  We also get a nice nod to our Kenner toys exhibit which will be on display at the main branch of the Cincinnati library until January 16th, 2016.

Kenner Collector Kenner Toys Cincinnati X-Wings

Images property of Cincinnati.com.

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