Ira Gobler and the Star Wars Toys That Never Were

Greetings Gooney Fans! Have you ever heard the story of Ira Gobler and Gobler Toys? Imagine for a moment that there is a prequel to the story we already know of Kenner securing the rights to the franchise just one month before the release of the film. In fact, the seemingly unknown Gobler Toys was the first to pitch their concepts to George Lucas! So, let’s take a ride in Bill and Ted’s Phone Booth and head back to the year 1976 to learn about Ira Gobler and the Star Wars toys that never were!

Now, if you are interested in learning the true story of Star Wars toys and how those events transpired, check out Brian Stillman’s Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys.


KennerGooney_line1Until Next time! It’s Kenner! It’s Fun!

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