The Morgue

Kenner’s “Morgue” was a storage facility where Kenner kept all of the pre-production materials that were used to create the many different toy lines they produced over the years. Our Morgue will be a location where you can download many different resources related to the Kenner toy company.

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Catalogs (Toy Fair)

Catalogs (Pack-In)

Star Wars 1977a
Star Wars 1977b

Instructions (PDF)

Baby Alive 1990
Baby Alive, Newborn 1992
Baby Alive, Talking 1992
Baby All Gone 1992
Baby Buddies Splash ‘n Slide 1995
Baby Check-Up 1993
Baby Color & Shampoo 1994
Baby Did It 1996
Baby Go Bye Bye 1995
Baby Go Nite Nite 1997
Baby Needs Me 1993
Batcave Micro Playset 1997
Bubble Bells Sea Spray Castle 1990
Centurions Depth Charger 1986
Easy-Bake Oven Cookbook 1991
Easy-Bake Oven Recipes
EZ 2 Do 2 Cool Jeweler
EZ 2 Do Fashion Machine 1992
EZ 2 Do Fashion Printz 1994
EZ 2 Do Frames and Nameplates Set 1992
EZ 2 Do Friendship Twister 1993
EZ 2 Do Glitzy Glu 1993
EZ 2 Do Party Jewelry Set 1992
Fairy Winkles Locket 1993
Fairy Winkles Teapot Twinkle Theatre 1994
Fantastic Cel Painter 1996
Fantastic Crystal Creations 1995
Fantastic Fingernails 1995
Fantastic Flowers Sun Surprise Flower Making Set 1995
Gargoyles Castle Playset 1995
Gargoyles Night Striker 1995
Gargoyles Xanatos XI-44 Roadster 1995
Jurassic Park Bush Devil Tracker
Jurassic Park Capture Copter
Jurassic Park Chaos Effect Mobile Command Center 1998
Jurassic Park Dino Trackers Capture Cruiser 1994
Jurassic Park Dino Trackers Jungle Runner 1994
Jurassic Park Evil Riders Strike Cycle 1994
Jurassic Park Lost World Figure Maker 1997
Jurassic Park Lost World Lab Micro Playset 1997
Jurassic Park Lost World Mobile Command Center 1997
Jurassic Park Jungle Explorer
Legends of Batman Skybat Vehicle 1995
Littlest Pet Shop Beethoven’s 2nd Backyard Kennel 1994
Littlest Pet Shop Beethoven’s 2nd Nuzzle Time Nursery 1993
Littlest Pet Shop Beethoven’s 2nd Puppy Pool 1993
Littlest Pet Shop Beethoven’s 2nd Tug N’ Play Beethoven 1993
Littlest Pet Shop Bustling Gerbils with Gerbil Tunnel-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Busy Hamsters-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Care Center
Littlest Pet Shop Charming Kittens with Funtime House-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Chirpy Birds with Nesting Home-1994
Littlest Pet Shop Chirpy Tree Friends with Woodsy Home-1994
Littlest Pet Shop Country Garden Nursery Playset 1995
Littlest Pet Shop Dazzling Hair Pets Fancy Curls Carousel-1995
Littlest Pet Shop Happy Pups with Cozy Puphouse-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Itsy Bitsy Mice with Cheesy Maze-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Jump N Splash Frogs-1994
Littlest Pet Shop Lion Family-1994
Littlest Pet Shop Perky Pup-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Playful Kitten-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Playful Persian 1994
Littlest Pet Shop Purry Kittens with Kitty Playtime Condo-1994
Littlest Pet Shop Sea World Shamu Family Playset 1995
Littlest Pet Shop Sea World Splash Zone Deluxe Playset 1995
Littlest Pet Shop Snuggle Bunny-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Splash Happy Puppies-1993
Littlest Pet Shop Star Styles Pet Salon 1995
Littlest Pet Shop Storage/Carrying Playset 1992
Littlest Pet Shop Supper Time Guppies-1995
Littlest Pet Shop Zoo Playset 1994
MASK Billboard Blast
MASK Boulder Hill Playset
MASK Bulldog
MASK Bullet
MASK Buzzard
MASK Collector, The
MASK Condor
MASK Firecracker
MASK Firefly
MASK Gator
MASK Goliath-1987
MASK Hurricane
MASK Iguana
MASK Jackhammer-1985
MASK Manta
MASK Meteor
MASK Outlaw-1986
MASK Piranha
MASK Pit Stop Catapult
MASK Raven
MASK Razorback
MASK Rhino-1985
MASK Slingshot
MASK Stinger
MASK Switchblade
MASK Thunderhawk
MASK Vampire
MASK Volcano
MASK Wildcat
Mummies Alive! Micro Pyramid Battle Station 1997
Mummies Alive! Skycophagus 1997
Newborn Baby Check-Up 1996
Newborn Diaper Surprise Doll 1997
Predator Blade Fighter 1993
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1A
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-2
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-3
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-500
Real Ghostbuster Ecto-Blaster
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Bomber
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Charger Pack
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Goggles and Ecto-Popper
Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Headphones
Real Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters
Real Ghostbusters Ghost Grab-A-Meter
Real Ghostbusters Ghostpopper
Real Ghostbusters Ghost Spooker
Real Ghostbusters Ghost Trap
Real Ghostbusters Ghostzapper
Real Ghostbusters Highway Haunter
Real Ghostbusters Nutrona Blaster
Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack
Real Ghostbusters Water Zapper
Ricochet 6 Volt 1995
Ricochet 6 Volt Stunt Cycle 1995
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Bedtime Sabrina 1997
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Salem the Cat 1997
Skydriver XRC 1998
Sleep Walker 1976
Small Soldiers Attack Zones 1998
Small Soldiers Buzzsaw Tank 1998
Small Soldiers Ground Assault Vehicle 1998
Sparkle Spirograph 1992
Spirograph 3D 1996
Spirograph Color Change 1995
Spirograph, My First 1994
Spirograph Suspension Art 1989
Spirograph Shake, Travel 1995
Spirograph with Spiroscope 1994
Spirotot 1988
Star Wars Collectors Fleet Super Star Destroyer 1997
Star Wars Cruise Missiletrooper 1996
Star Wars Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter 1996
Star Wars Dash Rendar’s Outrider 1996
Star Wars Expanded Universe Airspeeder 1997
Star Wars Escape From Death Star Game 1977
Star Wars Imperial AT-ST Scout Walker 1995
Star Wars Millennium Falcon 1995
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Slave I 1996
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Swoop with Swoop Trooper 1996
Star Wars Snow Speeder 1995
Star Wars Speeder Bike 1995
Star Wars STAP and Battledroid 1998
Star Wars T-16 Skyhopper 1996
Star Wars X-Wing Fighter 1995
Stunt Boss 360 1995
Super Powers Batcopter
Super Powers Batmobile
Super Powers Darkseid Destroyer
Super Powers Delta Probe One
Super Powers Hall of Justice Playset
Super Powers Justice Jogger
Super Powers Kalibak Boulder Bomber
Super Powers Lex-Soar 7
Super Treat Center Recipe Book
Techno Zoids Armored Gator 1994
Techno Zoids Demon Lizard 1994
Wonder World 1995
Wonder World Star Wars 1996
Wonder World Tropical Lagoon 1996

Internal Documents

Kenner Morgue Inventory List

Pages 1-128 (large 23.3M PDF)

Pages 1-20 (3.69M PDF)
Pages 21-40 (3.47M PDF)
Pages 41-60 (3.73M PDF)
Pages 61-80 (3.71M PDF)
Pages 81-100 (3.85M PDF)
Pages 101-128 (5.69M PDF)

Kenner Museum Inventory List

Pages 1-128 (large xxM PDF)

Pages 1-20 (2.53M PDF)
Pages 21-40 (2.82M PDF)
Pages 41-60 (3.14M PDF)
Pages 61-80 (3.14M PDF)
Pages 81-98 (2.63M PDF)

Internal Paperwork

Hasbro Style Guide (5.01M PDF)


Kenner (EPS) (JPG)
Galoob (EPS) (JPG)
Hasbro 1 (EPS) (JPG)
Hasbro 2 (EPS) (JPG)
Hasbro 3 (EPS) (JPG)
Hasbro Interactive (EPS) (JPG)
Milton Bradley (EPS) (JPG)
Parker Brothers (EPS) (JPG)
Playschool (EPS) (JPG)
Tiger (EPS) (JPG)
Tonka (EPS) (JPG)


Kenner Sentimental Journey Video

38 Responses to The Morgue

  1. Toni Zorich says:

    Hi, I have a red car, that ran on a large 12 volt battery ? The hood opens and that is where the charged battery would go. I received it for Christmas, probably in the early 70’s. I have not been able to find any information on this car anywhere.
    Can You help?


  2. marie harmon says:

    I have a spirograph from about 1988. I would like my grandchildren to use it. Can I purchase pens, paper and guides to designs somewhere?

  3. matt swaford says:

    i have a few sets of kenner instructions i’d be willing to scan and email to you for your archives. i have the centurions depth charger, m.a.s.k. goliath, outlaw and jackhammer.

  4. I have an ’89 product catalogue I can scan & send, if you’re interested. I think I also have a Mega Force product catalogue somewhere, but I’m not certain.

  5. george says:

    is there a kenner Car-plane out there ??

  6. Abby says:

    My mom was in a Kenner Toy Commercial as a child. Anyone know where I can find a copy?

  7. Brandon says:

    Hey can some one help me out I need the instructions for the Real Ghostbusters Ecto 1A please post if u have them Thanks

  8. Rich Cherry says:

    I have 12 rare original 1978 Kenner Star Wars Toy Showroom 35mm color photo transparency slides from the 1978 New York Toy Fair up for auction on ebay. I obtained them from the estate of a former Kenner employee. I will consider Buy It Now offers to end the auctions early. My seller name is rmc54. All slides are in great condition. My email is

  9. Kevin Nelson says:

    I have three Turbo Tower of Power Jamie Sommers rider figures. I’m looking for three tower pumps and bionic cycles to go with them. If anyone out there can hook me up with those, please LMK. My email address is

  10. Richard Roy says:

    I wrote Dan and John to inform them I have scanned all the Kenner The Real Ghostbusters instructions I have. They’re not PDF files. If someone is looking for any of them, you hardly ever see these on-line and for free. They’re all listed in the Kenner section at Ectocontainment.

    I don’t have them all though and wrote two blog entries explaining what I’m looking for, if Kenner included paper instructions with some of these toys.

    Kenner Instructions I’m looking for blog entry #1:

    Kenner Instructions I’m looking for blog entry #2:

    If you can help, please leave a comment on Ectocontainment or email me. And if you’re interested in other Kenner The Real Ghostbusters content their are toy write ups too. More related content will be added in future updates. Thanks for your time and interest!

    Rich aka Spengs

  11. Chelsea says:

    I’m looking for a baby all gone. Original, in decent condition with the bottle, food, spoon etc. if anyone has one or knows where to get one Id appreciate it! This was a favorite doll of mine as a child.

  12. Catherine says:

    I have a Wonder World Tropical Friends in an unopened box from ’95. Does it have any value?

  13. charlene says:

    I have ” MILKY THE MARVELOUS MILKING COW”, drinks water and gives milk, still in the original box, came from the actual assembly line not a store. Any body know the value?

  14. Annette says:

    I am looking for “small soldier” birthday party items. Can anyone help me?? All I need are small plates, cups, napkins, and hats!

  15. Annette says:

    I am looking for “small soldier” birthday party items. Can anyone help me?? All I need are small plates, cups, napkins, and hats! – My e-mail address is

    Thank you!

  16. Miguel says:

    If you guys ever have any CARE BEAR events can I please be invited…PLEASE?

  17. Skylar Overbeck says:

    I have a 1973 Spirograph Set in pretty good condition. I have all the pieces, the instruction booklet, and the pens even though they are dried up. I was wondering the
    worth of this set. If anyone could give me any kind of information that would be very helpful. Thank you.

  18. Ti says:

    Anyone recall a Kenner 3 Minute Cake Baker?

  19. Belinda says:

    I have recently found an EZ Bake Oven and EZ 2 Do Fashion Machine from when I was a child. My 4 year old is super excited to play with them. Does anyone know where I could get supplies for these items?


  20. Pat K. says:

    I have the Kenner little mermaids for the bath tub, but cannot find them listed w/kenner?
    Can anyone tell a value? There is the shell w/the reef, 4 mermaids w/long hair to be combed, the combs, four babies and a seahorse. Thank you

  21. David Jones says:

    Has anybody got, or know where I could find some ‘Glow Globs’ and ‘Glo-Juice’? I had these for xmas around 1967 and they remain the BEST things I ever got! I would love to find some……

  22. Andy E. says:

    I am a private SMDM collector and am looking for a Bionic tri-cycle that my brother got for Christmas of 1977. I believe Kenner made this item; if anyone can locate one, I would be most appreciative.

  23. Sharon says:

    I recently inherited super treat center Kenner 1991 makers of the easy bake oven I’m looking to sell it’s complete

  24. James Gonzales says:

    I have a pretty good super powers collection,looking for some VERY cool items to add,perhaps concept artwork or cromalins of some sort. I love rare items please contact me

  25. Steve Reisiger says:


    My dad was heavily involved with designing artwork and packaging for Kenner toys for years. He worked with Bob Fox a lot and knew the Steiner’s, can’t remember any first names. Looking forward to seeing the exhibit. My sister and I both were child models for some of the stuff and actually made it on a box or 2. I have a few toy fair catalogs and some promo’s.

  26. Jan arnesen says:

    My Dad was also heavily involved also as an art director / designer for Kenner toy packaging for years, working for Bob Fox as his main liaison and his firm was called Arnesen Design Associates, in Chicago. I wonder if your father worked with him ?
    I have some old photos of him setting up a scene for a photo shoot in the pre-photo shop era. Thinking of contributing that to the archives.
    Jan K. Arnesen

  27. Michael K. says:

    Is the old Kenner’s factory still around and just an empty warehouse now and is it still located on Robertson Ave. in Cincinnati, OH ? Are there any plans for tearing it down and building something new in its place ? I heard that there used to be a lot of very loud eerie sounds in the factory that sounded like giant springboard mechanisms of some sort. Mabye a restaurant of some sort or even a new apartment complex would fit the bill. I would say that the only problem is that in some regards and respects it would be considered a historical landmark or treasure so to speak. Another idea or plan for the area would be to tear down the factory warehouse and build a new toy store which would be the beginning of a new toy store chain. Dont get me wrong or anything, I am not a spy or some terrorist or anything or even a member of the press looking to make a quick dollar or two or story. I just grew up right up the street on Eileen of which I am very proud of that fact to be quite honest before I finally moved out of state. Some possible names for the store chain could be Rodger’s, Dalton’s, Gaston’s, Truman’s, Schlishter’s(Art). What do you think of some of these possible names ? By the way, I haven’t been back there in years. Is the old B&G Pony Keg Corner Store still on the corner of Robertson and Eileen ? Thanks.

  28. Jim Rosetti says:

    Are they still making the Kenner Starting Lineup Basketball Team figuorines 1992 “Dream Team” USA Olympic team ?

    • Joe Curcio says:

      Hello Jim. This set was only made in 1992. Kenners last year to produce any kind of NBA figure was in 1998. They did produce a NCAA line from 1998 until 2000. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thank you, Joe

  29. Abby McIntosh says:

    Hello. My mom was in a Kenner Commercial in the 1950s or 1960s. The commercial was for a projector. Do you have any leads on where I can possibly find the commercial? I know she would love to see it.

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